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LIVE Swimming, 07/31/2021 05:00 PM Offline 0
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@ Kris can you ask the meet to update meet mobile?
@ Tom Zorn Lost the feed on the last lap of my daughters final. Should get a refund!
@ Jessica Higgins Where is the meet program?
@ Kris are not currently in the pool?
@ Kris because Leclair, joos and bretzman, raveguam
@ Kris is there a way to have the "results" from each heat reflect who is actually in the water?
@ Jeanne Adkins It would be nice to see scoreboard after each heat!
@ Tracy Mohr This is terrible feed. Totally skipped 15+ 50 breast.
@ Tom Zorn I have great speed and it didn’t come back until the heat after my daughter. Uggh
@ Patricia Cook my broadband internet is slow and it looks great
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